The Great Silver Eye (2007)


    Moonspell's 2007 'best of' collection, released by Century Media.

    An historical overview from 1995's Wolfheart to 2006's Memorial.

    Fernando Ribeiro (Langsuyar) – vocals
    Pedro Paixão (Passionis/Neophytus) – keyboards, guitars
    Ricardo Amorim (Morning Blade) – guitars
    Miguel Gaspar (Mike/Nisroth) – drums
    Aires Pereira (Ahriman) – bass

    There is a fine, lunar line between dreaming and nightmarind.An even thinner horizon is to be observed between feeling revered or simply defeated by aging. The ambiguity dividing those conditions generates my present frame of mind : sitting on a chair, facing the back and forth of words in the screen, writing a text that is to be the token of my involvment on something i didn’t expect to happen when I was flying abroad for the very first time ever (to record Wolfheart, that is) and that fills me with many dreads but also a few certainties : a compilation, an icy still, a best of.
    Without wanting to become dramatically boring, such an event as a best of, which, bluntly, depresses and annoys most of you, it’s something a bit hard to look at from the inside as well.
    Decisions come out from shadows, deeds trap you and push you in the dark and most of all you want to juggle with the honesty of your music, taken from its rightful time, and the fact that you have to be involved, even if just to prevent the label of going the wrong way or to add a just credibility to this depository of emotions, impossible to describe in retrospect or, back then, in the all there was to be.
    And you can’t let anything fall !
    So, to make ends meet a few of thoe certainties : Moonspell has always been about learning that is our only face value. And time taught us that in art or in this case in music one can only go two ways : the way of representing yourself; or the way of pretending another nature rather than your own. This anthology allows us to; at least, conclude that we did both quite completely deep. What many considered a schizophrenic musical direction and others (like us) just the normal disquiet of the heart can be perceived here, in the teary waves of the Great Silver Eye rhapsody.
    From Wolfheart to Memorial, represented herein, countless stories, decisions, dangerous glories and shortcomings are to be accounted. We hope that this best of, if nothing else, functions as a document for most of them and allows you yo participate on those moments of vertigo fleshed and spirited into songs. If it does that, then we would feel good about who we were, are, and will be : ourselves or some characters we dreamts about to replace us, even if momentarily, in our limited skin, bone and spirit shells. You just have to join is in the midnight ride. I am sure that, by now, you know where it will take you.”
    The Great Silver Eye (2007)
    Released 4 Jul 2007
    1. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) 7:43
    2. Vampiria 5:35
    3. Alma Mater 5:37
    4. Opium 2:46
    5. Raven Claws 3:16
    6. Full Moon Madness 6:47
    7. Second Skin 4:51
    8. Magdalene 6:17
    9. Soulsick 4:16
    10. Lustmord 3:44
    11. Firewalking 3:05
    12. Nocturna 3:52
    13. Everything Invaded 6:16
    14. Capricorn At Her Feet 6:04
    15. Finisterra 4:08
    16. Luna 4:42


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