The Butterfly Effect (1999)


    Released in 1999, The Butterfly Effect is the fourth full-length album by the Portuguese band Moonspell, inspired by chaos theory. The album is characterised by a more experimental approach than their previous material, incorporating many elements of electronic music and industrial metal. The music is composed primarily by the band’s keyboardist, Pedro Paixão.

    Fernando Ribeiro - Vocals
    Pedro Paixão - Synths, Samplers and Programming
    Mike - Drums
    Ricardo Amorim - Guitars
    Sérgio Crestana - Bass

    Recorded at Trident II studios, London, June 99
    Produced and engineered by Andy Reilly
    Assistant engineer ; Richard Hinton
    Mastered at Sounddics by Patrick Bird and Andy Reilly
    All photos by Paulo Moreira
    Layout by Carsten Drescher (Media logistics) and Paulo Moreira

    THE BUTT3RFLY EFFECT - 2020 Reissue

    New Artwork by João Diogo
    Original Band Photos by Paulo Moreira

    The Butterfly Effect (1999)
    Released 13 Sep 1999
    1. "Soulsick" 04:16
    2. "Butterfly FX" 03:51
    3. "Can't Bee" 05:11
    4. "Lustmord" 03:44
    5. "Selfabuse" 04:16
    6. "I Am the Eternal Spectator" 03:31
    7. "Soulitary Vice" 03:27
    8. "Disappear Here" 03:33
    9. "Adaptables" 03:01
    10. "Angelizer" 04:30
    11. "Tired" 05:24
    12. "K" 3:28




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