Memorial (2006)


    Fernando Ribeiro – vocals
    Mike Gaspar – drums
    Pedro Paixão – keyboards
    Ricardo Amorim – guitars
    Waldemar Sorychta – bass
    Aires Pereira – bass (live)

    All songs remembered by Moonspell. All lyrics associated by Fernando Ribeiro.
    Produced, mixed and engineered by Waldemar Sorychta. Assisted by Siggi Bemm and Dennis Koehne.
    Memorized at the Woodhouse studios, Hagen, Germany during the rainy month of November 2005 E.V
    Anticipated by Waldemar Sorychta and Moonspell during the heat wave of august 2004 E.V, the freezing moons of february 2005 E.V and the rust of october 2005 E.V at Inferno Studios, location unknown, Portugal.
    Bass on Memorial recorded by Waldemar Sorychta. All Keyboards and samples recalled at Inferno Studios, location unknown, Portugal.

    Guests from the past :
    Big Boss (Root) – Vocals on At the Image of pain
    Birgit Zacher – Vocals on Luna and Sanguine
    Raimund Gitsels – Violin on In Memoriam : Memento Mori : Sanguine and Once it was ours!

    Cover artwork and layout by Adriano Esteves for Bürocratik
    Moongrams, visual enigmas and layout by Wojtek Blasiak
    Memento Mori (band photos) by Paulo Moreira for Nakef Productions

    All songs published by Copyright Control

    Memorial (2006)
    Released 24 Apr 2006
    1. "In Memoriam" 01:25
    2. "Finisterra" 04:08
    3. "Memento Mori" 04:27
    4. "Sons of Earth" 01:51
    5. "Blood Tells" 04:08
    6. "Upon the Blood of Men" 04:55
    7. "At the Image of Pain" 04:21
    8. "Sanguine" 05:50
    9. "Proliferation" 02:39
    10. "Once It Was Ours!" 04:53
    11. "Mare Nostrum" 01:56
    12. "Luna" 04:42
    13. "Best Forgotten" 06:47