Lisboa Under The Spell (2018)


    Fernando Ribeiro – vox
    Pedro Paixão – keyboards
    Ricardo Amorim – guitars
    Mike Gaspar (Mike/Nisroth) – drums
    Aires Pereira – bass

    Choir – Crystal Mountain Singers - Carmen Simões & Silvia Guerreiro
    Special Guest - Mariangela DeMurtas on "Raven Claws"
    Guests - Carolina Torres on "Extinct", Joana Rosa - "Intro Extinct", Melanie Granjer - Audio Intro "Extinct"

    Audio Produced by - Tue Madsen  
    Film Director - Victor Castro
    Liner Notes - Moonspell
    Artwork by Nestor Avalos
    Layout - Sara Vilhena
    Photography By Paulo F. Mendes

    All songs by Moonspell / Magic Arts Publishing / Sony ATV Publishing
    Lisboa Under The Spell (2018)
    Released 17 Aug 2018

    DVD-1.1 Rockumentary

    Act I - Wolfheart

    DVD-2.1 Intro Wolfheart
    DVD-2.2 Wolfshade
    DVD-2.3 Love Crimes
    DVD-2.4 Of Dream And Drama
    DVD-2.5 Lua D'Inverno
    DVD-2.6 Trebaruna
    DVD-2.7 Ataegina
    DVD-2.8 Vampiria
    DVD-2.9 An Erotic Alchemy
    DVD-2.10 Alma Mater

    Act II - Irreligious

    DVD-3.1 Intro Irreligious
    DVD-3.2 Opium
    DVD-3.3 Awake
    DVD-3.4 For A Taste Of Eternity
    DVD-3.5 Ruin And Misery
    DVD-3.6 A Poisoned Gift
    DVD-3.7 Raven Claws
    DVD-3.8 Mephisto
    DVD-3.9 Herr Spiegelmann
    DVD-3.10 Full Moon Madness

    Act III - Extinct

    DVD-4.1 "Intro Extinct Featuring – Joana Rosa"
    DVD-4.2 Breathe
    DVD-4.3 "Extinct Guest [Special Appearance] – Carolina Torres"
    DVD-4.4 Medusalem
    DVD-4.5 Domina
    DVD-4.6 Last Of Us
    DVD-4.7 Malignia
    DVD-4.8 Funeral Bloom
    DVD-4.9 A Dying Breed
    DVD-4.10 The Future Is Dark

    Bonus Features

    DVD-5.1 Making Of
    DVD-5.2 Slideshow


    BD-1 Rockumentary

    Act I - Wolfheart

    BD-2.1 Intro Wolfheart
    BD-2.2 Wolfshade
    BD-2.3 Love Crimes
    BD-2.4 Of Dream And DramaBD-2.5 Lua D'Inverno
    BD-2.6 Trebaruna
    BD-2.7 Ataegina
    BD-2.8 Vampiria
    BD-2.9 An Erotic Alchemy
    BD-2.10 Alma Mater

    Act II - Irreligious

    BD-3.1 Intro Irreligious
    BD-3.2 Opium
    BD-3.3 Awake
    BD-3.4 For A Taste Of Eternity
    BD-3.5 Ruin And Misery
    BD-3.6 A Poisoned Gift
    BD-3.7 Raven Claws
    BD-3.8 Mephisto
    BD-3.9 Herr Spiegelmann
    BD-3.10 Full Moon Madness

    Act III - Extinct

    BD-4.1 Intro Extinct
    BD-4.2 Breathe
    BD-4.3 Extinct
    BD-4.4 Medusalem
    BD-4.5 Domina
    BD-4.6 Last Of Us
    BD-4.7 Malignia
    BD-4.8 Funeral Bloom
    BD-4.9 A Dying Breed
    BD-4.10 The Future Is Dark
    Bonus Features
    BD-5.1 Making Of
    BD-5.2 Slideshow


    Wolfheart Show
    CD1-1 Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
    CD1-2 Love Crimes
    CD1-3 Of Dream And Drama
    CD1-4 Lua D’inverno
    CD1-5 Trebaruna
    CD1-6 Ataegina
    CD1-7 Vampiria
    CD1-8 An Erotic Alchemy
    CD1-9 Alma Mater
    Irreligious Show
    CD2-1 Perverse Almost Religious
    CD2-2 Opium
    CD2-3 Awake!
    CD2-4 For A Taste Of Eternity
    CD2-5 Ruin & Misery
    CD2-6 A Poisoned Gift
    CD2-7 "Raven Claws
    CD2-8 Mephisto
    CD2-9 Herr Spiegelmann
    CD2-10 Fullmoon Madness
    Extinct Show
    CD3-1 "All Gone From The Wild - La Baphomette (Intro)
    CD3-2 Breathe (Until We Are No More)
    CD3-3 "Extinct
    CD3-4 Medusalem
    CD3-5 Domina
    CD3-6 The Last Of Us
    CD3-7 Malignia
    CD3-8 Funeral Bloom
    CD3-9 A Dying Breed
    CD3-10 The Future Is Dark 



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