Extinct (2015)


    Fernando Ribeiro – vox
    Pedro Paixão – keyboards
    Ricardo Amorim – guitars
    Mike Gaspar (Mike/Nisroth) – drums
    Aires Pereira – bass

    All song written by Moonspell. All lyrics written by Fernando Ribeiro.
    Produced and mixed by Jens Bogren. Mastered by Jens Bogren.
    Guitar and bass recordings by David Castillo. Mix assistance and additional editing by Linus Corneliusson at Fascination Street Studios ins Stockholm and Örebro, Sweden, Fall 2014.
    Pre-produced at Inferno Studios, Portugal by Jens Bogren and Moonspell.
    All songs published by Sony ATV/Direction publishing

    Additional Players : Mumin Sesler String groupe (Istanbul/Tel-Aviv) on : Breathe (until we are no more) and Medusalem. Yossi Yassi : Bouzoukitara on Medusalem.
    Additional orchestrations by Jons Phipps on : Extinct, Domina, Malignia, A dying breed, The future is dark, La baphomette.
    Additional programming by André Alvinzi on Malignia
    Additional vocals : Ricardo Morning Blade on Medusalem, (until we are no more), The Future is dark
    Foroogh Kardansani aka Mahafsoun, Farsi speech on Medusalem, Redeverend Mike Storm : Eurology on Funeral Bloom. Choir in Domina by the Extinct voices of Portughostal.

    Cover and artwork by Seth Siro Anton
    Album design by Sara Vilhena
    Band photos by Edgar Keats
    Make up by Mara d’Elean (Sintra, Portugal)
    Extinct (2015)
    Released 6 Mar 2015 1. "Breathe (Until We Are No More)" 5:33
    2. "Extinct" 4:42
    3. "Medusalem" 5:06
    4. "Domina" 5:09
    5. "The Last of Us" 3:26
    6. "Malignia" 5:06
    7. "Funeral Bloom" 4:10
    8. "A Dying Breed" 4:29
    9. "The Future Is Dark" 5:09
    10. "La Baphomette" 2:48

    Bonus DVD
    1. Road to Extinction (From So Simple, a Beginning),
    documentary by Vitor Castro & Moonspell

    Bonus EP on Wooden boxset - Extinct: The Demos

    1. Extinct (demo version)
    2. Domina (demo version)

    Bonus EP on Portuguese FNAC edition - The Last of Us

    1. The Last Of Us (album version)
    2. Last Of Them (remix version)



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