Darkness and Hope (2001)


    Fernando Ribeiro - Vocals
    Pedro Paixão - Synths, Samplers and Programming
    Mike - Drums
    Ricardo Amorim - Guitars
    Sérgio Crestana - Bass

    Darkness and hope, year 2001 e.v

    All song written by Moonspell. All lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro (darkness) except where indicated.

    Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox studios, Helsinki Suomi/Finland (www.finnvox.fi)
    Mixed by Hiili Hiilesmaa. Mastered by Mika Jussila.

    Spoken words on Than the Serpents… Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (Mão Morta), courtesy of Norte Sul Portugal
    Female vocals on devilRed by Asta
    Female vocal sample on Rapaces courtesy of Best Service (Hallelujah)
    Intro sample on Rapaces taken from Lifeforce-the movie
    All choirs MS Coiro with special intervention from special K (the Skreppers)

    Moonspell imaginarium drawn by Wojtek Blasiak (wojciech.blasiak@interia.pl)
    Layout Adriano Esteves (Musicdrops.com), Paulo Moreira (Naked productions).
    Creatively assisted by Moonspell.
    Band photos : Paulo Moreira for Naked Productions 2001 (naked.paulomoreira@clix.pt)

    Darkness and Hope (2001)
    Released 27 Aug 2001
    1. "Darkness and Hope" 04:46
    2. "Firewalking" 03:05
    3. "Nocturna" 03:52
    4. "Heartshaped Abyss" 04:08
    5. "Devilred" 03:25
    6. "Ghostsong" 04:21
    7. "Rapaces" 05:31
    8. "Made of Storm" 04:09
    9. "How We Became Fire" 05:47
    10. "Than the Serpents in my Arms" 05:58

    Limited edition bonus tracks:

    "Os Senhores da Guerra" (Madredeus cover) 06:31
    "Mr. Crowley" (Ozzy Osbourne cover) 04:30
    "Love Will Tear Us Appart" (Joy Division cover) 03:44



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